Guide To The Best Food-Safe, Metal Detectable Products

Guide To The Best Food-Safe, Metal Detectable Products

Published by Adam Serfas on 29th Oct 2019

Contaminant detection is an important part of food safety. Today, many food-safe facilities use metal detectors to detect harmful objects that might have found their way into food product. If undetected, contaminants can potentially inflict damage on facility equipment, lead to costly recalls, hurt end consumers and the brand’s reputation. If your facility doesn’t use metal detection equipment, there’s certainly reason to look into it as, today, there are quite a few metal detectable products that can be used to help minimize contamination risk. Here are some of our favorite metal detectable products on the market today.

Metal Detectable Tools

Chances are, some of the tools you use on a regular basis in your facility are available in a metal detectable version. Many even come in multiple colors so that you’re able to incorporate a tool that is going to adhere to an existing color-coding plan. Some of the best products to purchase in a metal detectable fashion would be those that come in close contact to your food product areas. Metal detectable bench / hand scrapers and spatulas, which are often used to clean up leftover food residue, are a great tool option for bakeries and confectioneries. Metal detectable scoops and metal detectable shovels are a great options for any processor and manufacturer working with dry food product. Metal detectable paddles are a popular option for those who might be working with large vats or pots of either wet or dry material that requires stirring. Finally, metal detectable hand brushes are ideal for any food processor or manufacturer to use while cleaning in areas close to food product.

Metal Detectable Writing Utensils

Oftentimes, what you worry about most with contaminants are smaller sized items because they are harder to spot with the naked eye and therefore might slip through the manufacturing process undetected. One such small item that any kind of food processor or manufacturer has in their facilities is a writing utensil. Switching your standard pens to metal detectable pens and standard markers to metal detectable markers is one way to minimize a risk that’s virtually universal.

Metal Detectable Cable Ties & Tape

Metal detectable cable ties and tape are essential metal detectable items to keep stocked in your facility. Metal detectable cable ties, as the name implies, are most often used to secure overhead cables. Because those cables can shift over time, cable ties can come loose and drop into food product. In such an event, metal detectable cable ties will get picked up by metal detectors. Metal detectable tape has a wide range of potential uses on indirect food contact areas. One such application is securing ingredient bin covers. While it can be used for any number of these kinds of fastening tasks, it’s important to note that tape can allow for bacteria growth so it should be used very sparingly in areas that can come in close contact with food product.