60" Tapered Fiberglass Handle with Comfort Grip

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This 1” diameter fiberglass handle is best suited for those who are looking for a lightweight, easily recognizable colored handle for use with a facility color-coding plan. Available in 11 colors, there’s a wide variety of color options making it a favorite for those with larger color-coding plans and those that employ less common color selections. It features a 6” white plastic end cap with a hand grip and a hanging end cap so that the tool can be hygienically stored after use with a wall rack. We’ve also added a 24” long textured vinyl grip over the fiberglass to offer a more ergonomic design that is both comfortable to hold and easier to grip, especially with gloves.

The handle has a tapered end and pairs with select products including the following:

120027 - Lobby Broom
120022 - Softsweep
630004 - gray lobby dustpan
630005 - color coded lobby dustpan

We also carry a version without the textured vinyl grip here.