New Standard Thread One-Piece Hygienic Handle from RSQP

New Standard Thread One-Piece Hygienic Handle from RSQP

Published by Adam Serfas on 22nd Sep 2020

Introducing Our New One-Piece Hygienic Handle!

Here at RSQP, we pride ourselves in identifying the very best hygienic, color-coded tools for our clients. In a few instances, when we couldn’t find a tool to fit a need, we made our own. That was the case with our new Hygienic One-Piece Handle.

This standard-threaded handle is the result of nearly a year’s work to develop something that is truly one-piece, made in such a way that there are no grooves, lines or seams. It is made from fully FDA-compliant materials and available in 9 full-color options so that it can adhere to existing color-coding plans.

Every little detail was thought through for this handle. The sturdy, polypropylene build makes it crack-resistant so that it’ll stand up to tough cleaning jobs and last for a very long time. The truly seamless design means it’s easy to clean and doesn’t leave spaces for bacteria or foreign containments to hide. The handle includes a loophole at the end for hygienic storage via a shadowboard or wall rack and the loop itself is gradually sloped so that any water or liquid would drip out and not pool there. The colors are those most commonly used in color-coding plans and the two lengths, 48" and 59,” allow for shorter distance cleaning tasks as well as harder-to-reach jobs.

We find so much joy in working with our clients because we’re able to work with the very best of them. You all take pride in maintaining the cleanest, safest facilities, and, for that reason, we’re happy to offer a tool that is up to the task of keeping them that way. At the end of the day, it comes down to trusting your tools and this is a tool you can trust.