World Poetry Day Color-Coding Tips

World Poetry Day Color-Coding Tips

Published by Erin Spencer on 5th Mar 2021

March 21st is World Poetry Day, so, ahead of that holiday, we thought we’d get into the fun with some color-coding tips in the form of poems! 

With color-coding plans, there are four main types

Best start with one to avoid compliance gripes

The first fits facilities designed by zone

Here, assign colors for use in each area alone

Next suits those with shifts for day and night

Ascribing a color to each will set you up right

Allergens and contaminants pose a unique threat

You'll need a special color for tools used with that set

Finally, for facilities with an assembly line

One color for each step set you up just fine

Once you pick out the option best for your crew

Customize your plan for needs unique to you


There's a common mistake we've seen once or twice

The tendency to draw up a plan that's not concise

With options of pink, lime green and blue

Getting carried away while color-coding is easy to do

You might want three colors, then four then five

But keeping it simple ensures your plan will thrive


A color-coding plan will help your facility succeed

You've ordered the best tools to fit every need

You've selected your colors of red, green and blue

But didn't you know you need tool storage too?

Don't forget to make it part of the plan

It'll ensure safety and increase tool lifespan


And before we bid you reader goodbye

We have some final words we'll let fly

It's common to think your work here is done

But, psst, you're in this for the long run

Even with a truly great plan in place

You'll need to come back and quickly touch base

Check in on your tools, your tool storage too

Find and replace those whose time is through 

Next, you'll want a chat with your team

Make sure everything's still working like a dream

Do this every so often to ward off a mess

Take a pulse here every 6 months—no less