Smart-San Hand Sanitizer Spray, 1-Liter Hard Bottles w/4 Pump Kits

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Smart-San Hand Sanitizer Spray (71% Ethanol) kills 99.999% of most common germs in 15 seconds.  FDA approved as a no-rinse product (Fragrance-Free only), there is no place Smart-San can't go.  Smart-San is dispensed in an atomized spray, ensuring total saturation of the most critical parts of the hands - the nails and cuticles.  The liquid formula will never clog a dispenser.  The light, liquid formula leaves no sticky residue on the skin and the emollients help to soften the skin.  Includes 4 pump kits.  Additional pump kits can be ordered separately.
For product spec sheets, MSDS and product information click here.
Price is for a case of 6 - 1 liter bottles and 4 pump kits.


Product is not available for international purchases.
Due to the nature of this product, it is not returnable.