Published on February 08, 2022

Food Safety’s Secret Weapon Against COVID-Related Turnover

Written by Adam Serfas

Food Safety’s Secret Weapon Against COVID-Related Turnover

Right now, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the food manufacturing and processing industry is seeing high rates of turnover on the staffing front. This ongoing need for temporary workers, shuffling of job roles for substitutions, and hasty onboarding is a recipe for high risk on the food safety front. All too often, a contamination issue or recall comes down to one little mistake, so every onboarding moment is critical to ensuring the safety of a product. That’s where color-coding plans can come in. 

Color-coding plans, when executed correctly, are designed to be readily identified and second-nature to follow, meaning new employees can pick up on them quickly. They’ve always been a great tool for ensuring food safety, and, in this moment, it’s one that’s even more crucial. In our latest piece for Food Safety Tech, we break down the ways in which a facility color-coding plan can help keep plant operations running smoothly while keeping safety an active priority. 

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