Celebrating 30 Years With A Smile (And A Sale!)

Celebrating 30 Years With A Smile (And A Sale!)

Published by Adam Serfas on 30th Mar 2021

It's hard to believe that it's been 30 years since R.S. Quality Products was founded. Bob Serfas, an industrial brush salesman, founded RSQ because he wanted to be able to give customers everything they needed. He hoped to solve problems and offer solutions so that the people he worked with could get back to doing what they did best. He founded RSQ without a business plan - without even a five-year plan - because he believed in improving an industry that hadn't evolved to meet its customers where they were. He put quality in the name because, despite not knowing what the future might hold, he knew he'd always prioritize quality products and quality customer service for everyone, always. At the time, heading to a customer meeting meant bringing along a pocket full of quarters so that Bob could ring Frank at the warehouse to let him know he needed to get to work on an order. Order invoices were drawn by Bob's wife Monica via a typewriter in the evenings once Bob had come home from work. 

In some ways, so much has changed over the last 30 years. While still small, our team has grown quite a bit from the one-man, two-man shop it consisted of in the early years. The company is now helmed by Bob's nephew Adam Serfas and payphones are no longer part of the order fulfillment process. More importantly, though, are the things that haven't changed. We still strive to give our customers the very best products we can, whether that means sourcing the product or sometimes making our own to ensure we can offer what's needed. We still take great pride in providing good old-fashioned customer service and work had to get our customers what they need as quickly as possible. 

We often hear customers tell us that we are great to do business with, and that's how we know we are living up to our original promise. Truthfully though, we believe we get to work with some of the best customers out there. We're honored to count decades-long relationships with some of our customers, to be on speed dial for when there's a problem to solve and to be trusted with ensuring the quality and safety of products and facilities across the country. 

We wouldn't be where we are and wouldn't enjoy what we do if not for our customers. So, while it's our birthday in a sense, we wanted to give a gift to our customers. For the entire month of April, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200. No coupon code is needed. The cart will automatically apply the discount once the minimum has been met. It's our way of saying thanks. To our friends, old and new, we are so thankful to serve you. 

*Some exclusions to the sale apply